Stellaworth Girl’s Game Shop

If you’re an otome fan or just like games and merchandise aimed at female audiences, no doubt you have heard of Ikeburuko’s “Otome Road”. Getting there is fairly simple and there are plenty of things to see and shops to browse.


Stella Worth is just one of the stores I recommend visiting! Unfortunately it is not located on the main streets of Sunshine City/Otome Road, and I have heard some people not being able to find it. Here is a small guide to getting there!


ヽ(´ω`)ノ Directions: 

It is about 10 minutes from the East exit of Ikebukuro station.

Exit the station and head towards Mizuho Bank (There should be a blue sign labled as such) and keep walking. You’ll pass a Bic Camera (electronic store) and come across a fast food place called Lottera.

Keep walking down Sunshine 60 road. You should find there’s a American Outfitters clothing store on the left side of you. Turn right when you reach the store Yukia and in to the alley way.

Head straight down till you reach the yakuniku store Joan. Turn right. 

Walk a little further, and you should see a 7/11. That is the 1st floor of the building, so take the stairs or elevator to the 3rd floor. The entrance to Stella Worth is right beside the love hotel (Hotel Takara).


Of course, you could always just google the map.

Stella Worth 
Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-23-9 Kindai Biru 10 (3rd floor)
Holidays, Sun to Wed 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Thurs to Sat 11:00 to 8:30 p,m

*** As with most shops in Japan, the staff will most likely only speak a little English if not at all. Please make sure to prepare before going, and write down any specific items down in Japanese (romaji, katakana etc). Help them help you! o(*´∀`)○